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Attalai Zita shoe-szter


She participates in the creative works of the Fashion House since 2011. She met Kati through the designing of shoes, and started working with her immediatelly. They have a strong professional relationship and have the same ideas about the current situations and needs of today's fashion. Their interest is also the same for the similar art eras and styles, one of these is the Art Deco style, which still inspires them in their creative work. 

At the beginning of her career, during the post-modern era of the nineties, in her own studio, her main topic was the shoes - as an aesthetic concept - when she combined the different historical styles for year. Those collection of artworks, which contained more than one hundred pieces altogether, appeared in several design exhibitions all across Europe, her researches has been included into professional literary material. 

Her strong binding to the industry has always accompanies her career. She believes, that the real success of a series-produced product outperforms the artistic recognitions.

Under her guidance, product development work for ATTITUDE Footwear has begun, which was made possible by the technology and manufacturing knowledge of Barben Ltd. As a result, the shoes designed by Zita are present on the shows of the Fashion House as accessories. Most recently, she made a sporty model for the fashion show of the 2015 autumn-winter collection, which was held in Balatonfüred, which is an indispensable piece of modern urban dressing.


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